Jobs and skills

Waterbeach Barracks celebrates local and is an ideal place for SMEs and Entrepreneurs, particularly in the creative and cultural sectors. We are a short cycle from some of the most dynamic employment in the world and have forged strong relationships with the nearby science, technology and medical hubs.

Cambridge Science Park near Waterbeach Barracks

What's happening in the first phase

jobs and skills at Waterbeach Barracks
With the first construction access in place, site preparation work is starting at Waterbeach Barracks. Master developer, Urban&Civic, will be working with its contractors throughout the development to help them recruit local people and give people education and training opportunities to access the thousands of construction jobs that will be coming forward over the 15 year build.

Supporting new opportunities 

Our jobs and skills strategy goes hand in hand with work with local schools to support careers planning and curriculum delivery, by having areas of the development as a living classroom for visits, projects and work experience.
the master vision for Waterbeach barracks

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