Denny End Road improvements

As part of Urban&Civic’s commitment to invest in local infrastructure as the new development comes forward on the former Barracks site, improvement works to the Denny End Road/A10 junction are scheduled for early next year.

Works planned to Denny End Road / A10 Junction : 9 January to 24 February

This work will provide:

  • Greater capacity for the village at the junction to support traffic flows out onto the A10, by providing longer separated left and right turning lanes;
  • Improved drainage systems along the stretch of road from the A10 junction to the junction with Pembroke Avenue to tackle existing flooding issues;
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle access connecting to the wider new infrastructure being installed;
  • Improved gateway entrance to the village with resurfaced road, proper kerbs and drainage in place, and new islands and crossing points. New village signs will also be installed in addition to the planned works as part of a separate project working with the Parish Council and Public Realm Working Group;
  • A later phase of work will also connect up the cycle, pedestrian and equestrian connections further up the A10 to create the route to the Research Park, and connect with the new pedestrian, cycle and equestrian bridge across the A10.

The works will require a full closure of the Denny End Road/Ely Road (A10) junction from 9 January 2023 to 24 February 2023 (a period of 7 weeks). We appreciate that this will cause disruption, and the programme has been worked through carefully with the local authority transport teams to reduce impact on the village. The 24 hour complete road closure for this time will enable these significant works to be carried out far more quickly.

A diversion will be in place for the duration of the works, which is outlined on the map.

diagram of diversion route. Showing road closure on Denny Abbey road at the junction of Ely Road A10 and access only from the junection to the junction of High Street and Chapel Street

During the works:

  • Traffic will need to be diverted through the village during the road closure, with traffic lights in place at the Car Dyke Road junction to manage the flow of traffic into and out of the village.
  • Only the end section of Denny End Road will be closed. The remainder will be open for access to homes and businesses from the High Street side of the village.
  • Bus routes have been agreed with the operators, which will see buses which would normally travel down Denny End Road only go as far as Bannold Road during the closure, they will loop around before travelling back towards the village green.
  • The A10 will not be impacted by this stage of works, but additional works on the A10 will follow in February to extend the pedestrian, cycle and equestrian route and connect in with the development, the new bridge and the route to the Research Park. We apologise again for any inconvenience and disruption caused by these works.

There is additional Questions and Answer about the works below.

Denny End Road Improvements FAQ

If you have any further questions please :
Phone: 01223 622 533

* If any issues arise during the works, please contact the Breheny out of hours team 24/7 on 07732 316 937. *Please note the office will be closed from Friday 23 December to Tuesday 3 January for the Christmas break.