sign at waterbeach barracks

Waterbeach Naming Consultation begins

sign at waterbeach barracks
With the development of Waterbeach New Town moving forward as an allocated and consented part of South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Local Plan, Urban&Civic and RLW are now undertaking consultation on the name of the new town and seeking input to a ‘repository’ of useful references and potential names for places within the new town, which will be designed and built over the years ahead.

The consultation – which has a hard copy being delivered door to door to Waterbeach and neighbouring villages – provides guidance and information to assist consultees and stakeholders in responding to two separate parts of the consultation exercise. There is also an online version of the resource and questions at

The consultation is in two sections and asks for comments on:

  1. The naming of the New Town as a whole, and in combination with the existing settlement of Waterbeach.
  2. Feedback on a proposed approach to names for streets and public spaces, walking loops and play areas within the new development, which draw on themes from rich history and ecology of the area. This section focusses on the Barracks and Airfield part of the development, which is more advanced than the details for Waterbeach New Town East and will set a precedent the eastern part of the development can follow.

The consultation approach has been developed with input from partners and with the agreement of South Cambridgeshire District Council, and will enable a final recommendation to be submitted to the District Council later this Summer. The recommendations – once agreed –  will enable a framework to be put in place to guide naming of roads and places within the development as they roll out over the next few years.

The consultation process will have two key stages and last 14 weeks, starting 1 April and completing 7 July 2021. Timings and details of these are set out below:

Stage 1

1 April– 12 May Preliminary Consultation period

6 weeks


13 – 26 May – Review of submissions and formulation of preferred options

2 weeks


Stage 2

27 May– 7 July  – Consultation on preferred options including a number of targeted workshops with key stakeholder groups:

6 weeks

  • Parish, County and District Councillors
  • Heritage groups
  • Youth representatives.

7 July onwards:  Final review and submission of report to SCDC Cabinet recommendations

Further information and full copies of the documents are available at

The consultation approach has been developed with input from partners and with the agreement of South Cambridgeshire District Council.