Urban&Civic Venue Hire Waterbeach Terms & Conditions

1. Terms
1.1. These Terms will apply to any Booking. These Terms should be read carefully and understood, before
making a Booking. In making a Booking, the Hirer has agreed to accept these Terms.
1.2. U&C amend these Terms from time to time and it is the responsibility of the Hirer to check these Terms at
the time of booking to ensure that it understands the Terms which will apply at that time.
2. Definitions
The terms, words and phrases defined in this clause shall have the meanings set out below:
“AV” means audio visual;
“Booking” means the booking of a Venue by the Hirer in accordance with these Terms;
“Booking Confirmation” means the receipt of all details of the Booking, and the issue of an invoice, by U&C to
the Hirer for the Venue Hire Fee in accordance with clause 3.4;
“Event” means the event which is the subject of the Venue Hire
Agreement; “Guests” means all persons attending an Event at the Venue;
“Hire Period” means the hours during which the Venue will be available for use by the Hirer on the date of the
“Hirer” means the person by, or on behalf of whom, the Booking is
made; “Terms” means these terms and conditions;
“U&C” means Urban & Civic Waterbeach Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales with
company number 09123307 whose registered office is at 50 New Bond Street, London, United Kingdom, W1S
“Venue” means the property and/or areas identified by U&C to the Hirer within the Booking Confirmation
for the purposes of the Event;
“Venue Hire Agreement” means the legally binding agreement between U&C and the Hirer under these Terms
formed at the time of the Booking Confirmation being issued; and
“Venue Hire Fee” means all fees charged to the Hirer under the Venue Hire Agreement.
3. Booking Procedure
3.1. Bookings will only be accepted by U&C when made by one of the following methods:
3.1.1. U&C’s online booking system, Hall Master;
3.1.2. email to a member of U&C staff; or
3.1.3. direct discussion with a member of U&C staff.
3.2. Bookings will only be classed as provisional and not binding on U&C until an invoice is issued to the Hirer
in accordance with clause 3.4 OR they have received a confirmation email from Hall Master.
3.3. Any variation to a Booking must be agreed and confirmed by both parties in writing.
4. Venue Hire Fee payment terms
4.1. For One Off Events:
4.1.1. Under £300 – 100% of the Venue Hire Fee will be payable within 24 hours of Booking Confirmation
4.1.2. Over £300 – 50% of the Venue Hire Fee will be payable within 24 hours of Booking Confirmation with
the remaining 50% payable 14 days prior to the date of the Event.
4.1.3 Regular, community bookings are invoiced at the end of the month and must be paid in full within 7
4.2. Discounted prices may be available to registered charities, “not for profit” organisations and for
multiple bookings but it is the responsibility of the Hirer to request any such discount.

4.3. Subject to clause 4.4, following Booking Confirmation, major variations to a Booking (a “Change”),
including a change in the date of an Event, must be made through Hall Master and the hirer must wait for
an Approval of Change Request email from Hall Master before the change is confirmed.
4.4. U&C accepts no liability to the Hirer or its Guests if it is unable to accommodate a requested Change.
5. Cancellations
5.1. The following cancellation charges will be applied if the Booking is cancelled by the Hirer:
5.1.1. up to 7 days before the date of the Event – No Venue Hire Fee will be payable (100% of any Venue
Hire Fee paid will be refunded to the Hirer);

5.1.2. 7 days – 48 hours before the date of the Event – 50% of the Venue Hire Fee will be payable (any amount
paid in excess of this amount shall be refunded to the Hirer); and
5.1.3. 48 hours or less before the date and time of the Event – 100% of the Venue Hire Fee will be payable.
5.2. Notice of cancellation must be made in writing and will become effective on the date receipted by U&C.
5.3. U&C reserves the right to cancel a Booking if the holding of the Event is prevented by circumstances beyond
the control of U&C. In these circumstances, U&C will refund any monies paid in advance but, in accordance
with clause 11.2.2, accepts no further liability for any such cancellation.
6. Use of the Venue
6.1. The Hirer shall not:
6.1.1. use the Venue other than for the purposes specified in the Booking;
6.1.2. display any notices, flags, emblems or other decorations, posters, advertisements or placards in, on or
outside the Venue without the prior consent of U&C;
6.1.3. affix or drive into any part of the Venue or its fixtures and fittings any bolts, nails, tacks, screws, bits,
pins, sellotape, adhesive fasteners, blue tac or other like articles;
6.1.4. remove any fixtures or fittings; or
6.1.5. Use the Venue for any activities which, in U&C’s reasonable opinion, are dangerous, offensive, noxious,
illegal or immoral or which may become a nuisance to U&C, or other users of, or neighbours of, the
Venue or which may bring U&C into disrepute.
6.2. The Hirer shall, and shall procure that Guests shall:
6.2.1. Not smoke at the Venue; and
6.2.2. Observe all health and safety policies, notices and measures at the Venue.
6.3. The number of Guests attending the Event shall not exceed the number agreed in the Booking.
7. Termination
7.1. U&C reserves the right to cancel or terminate wholly or in part any Booking at any time for any reason
including, but not limited to:
7.1.1. the Hirer being more than 7 days in arrears in respect of payments due to U&C;
7.1.2. where the Booking might, in the reasonable opinion of U&C, prejudice the reputation of the Venue or
7.1.3. Where the behaviour of the Hirer or the Guests (where as individuals or as a group) is deemed by U&C
to be unacceptable. Partial termination could result in a number of Guests being asked to leave the
Venue; or
7.1.4. Where the activity of the Hirer or the Guests (whether as individuals or as a group) breaches Fire/Health
and Safety or any legislation in any way or is deemed unsafe for U&C staff or the public.
7.2. Any termination in accordance with this clause 7 shall be without prejudice to any right of action of U&C in
respect of non-payment or any breach of these Terms by the Hirer.
8. Event Equipment
8.1. The Hirer shall not bring any equipment into the Venue without the prior consent of U&C and, where such
consent is given, the Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that any such equipment has the necessary safety
certificates (e.g. a valid Portable Appliance Test Certificate ) and does not damage any part of the Venue.
8.2. Immediately following the Event, unless otherwise agreed with U&C, the Hirer shall remove from the Venue

any equipment, goods or effects brought into the Venue by the Hirer, its agents, Guests or any sub-
contractors and U&C shall bear no responsibility for any equipment, goods or effects left on the Venue.

8.3. The Hirer shall leave the Venue in a clean and orderly state.
8.4. The Hirer shall be held responsible for any damages to, or loss of, furniture, equipment or crockery. The Hirer
shall pay to U&C, on demand, the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage or loss.
8.5. U&C shall not be responsible for the organisation or hiring of any equipment or facilities required for an Event.
8.6. U&C does provide various AV equipment at its Venues which, subject to clause 9.1, can be linked to
equipment provided by the Hirer.
8.7. If the Hirer is not familiar with using the U&C AV equipment, the Hirer can, with prior arrangement, receive a
15 minute trial at a convenient time prior to the Event (telephone 07795033600).
8.8. The Hirer agrees to use any U&C equipment in a safe manner and return it in good working order. The Hirer
will be liable for any damage caused to the U&C equipment unless it is acting on specific instructions received
from U&C or its staff.
9. Health and Safety
9.1. The Hirer:
9.1.1. shall ensure that all fire exits and extinguishers are kept clear and visible at all times;
9.1.2. shall be responsible for all Health and Safety matters relating to an Event and must be present at the
Event to deal with any Health and Safety matters which may arise;
9.1.3. may delegate its responsibility under clause 10.1.2 to another person who must be in attendance for
the Event and whose name must be advised to U&C at the time of Booking;
9.1.4. is responsible for ensuring that vehicles using the Venue car parks are driven in a safe manner and are
parked in such a way so as not to obstruct access by emergency vehicles;
9.1.5. is responsible for holding, and providing to U&C on request, a list of all attendees in case of emergency
evacuation; and
9.1.6. is responsible for ensuring that people attending an event are aware of the fire evacuation procedures
including the location of the fire exits.
10. Liability, Indemnity and Insurance
10.1. The Hirer shall be liable for, and shall indemnify U&C against, any damage, theft and loss caused to the
Venue and its contents by the Hirer, its employees, officers, agents and any sub-contractors, the Guests and
any other person on the premises by reason of the purposes of the Event howsoever caused. The Hirer’s
responsibility does not extend to, nor does the indemnity cover, employees of U&C or any contractors
appointed by U&C to assist at the Event.
10.2. To the fullest extent permitted by law, U&C shall not be liable for:
10.2.1. Any loss or damage to property of the Hirer or the Guests; or
10.2.2. Any inconvenience or loss caused to any party as a result of cancellation or termination under clauses
5 or 7.

10.3. U&C does not exclude or limit its liability for death or personal injury due to its negligence.
11.1. The Hirer shall obtain appropriate insurance cover to cover the indemnity provided in clause 11.1. Such
insurance should also cover the risk of personal injury or death to the Hirer, Guests, their employees, officers,
agents and any third parties involved in, or present at, the Event.
11.2. For larger Events, the Hirer is advised to seek additional insurance to cover all aspects of their Event.
11.3. For smaller Events, the Hirer is advised to check their personal property insurance as the cover required
may already be covered under their policy.
12. Opening and closing of the Venue
12.1. The Venue will be opened and closed by either by a member of U&C staff or its security providers.
12.2. The Hirer will ensure that all Guests:
12.2.1. are aware of the Hire Period and that they will not be able to enter the Venue before the agreed Hire
12.2.2. Arrive at and leave the Venue quietly and that no disturbance is caused to local residents as a result
of the arrival or departure of Guests from the Event at any time; and
12.2.3. Leave the Venue no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled end of the Event and, in any event,
before the end of the Hire Period.

13. In the unfortunate event that the Hirer is unhappy with its Booking for any reason, would like to enquire
about Venue Bookings or has any questions about these Terms please contact U&C by telephoning Caroline
Ward on 07795033600 or by writing to caroline.ward@urbanandcivic.com
Urban&Civic The Control Tower, Waterbeach Barracks, Waterbeach CB25 9LF
T. 07749738870 E. caroline.ward@urbanandcivic.com
Security Tel: M. 07595 523573