Travelling sustainably at Waterbeach

Did you know that across the county of Cambridgeshire, transport emissions contribute almost 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions. These predominantly come from cars.

Each of us can play our part to move towards lower carbon travel options. By leaving your car here, even just for one day, you can make a difference to this carbon emission total. Helping towards a healthier environment and easing congestion on the roads.

How much carbon could you save?

Calculate how much carbon you can save by choosing a more sustainable option for your onward journey, using the carbon calculator below
The carbon calculator is based on freely available credible data. Find out more here.*
By swapping short car journeys with cycling or walking, you can easily build exercise into your day and reap the health benefits.
For example:

2.5 hours a week is the recommended amount of exercise per week for adults

30 minutes' of exercise at least five times a week is the perfect length of time for short, local journeys on foot or by bike

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The delivery of the Sustainable Travel Hub has formed a key part of the development of the former Barracks and Airfield on which you're now standing.